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Customized packaging tailored to your brand

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Designing unique packaging solutions is absolutely inseparable from a variety of surface treatments on packaging box.The surface treatment of packaging refers to various processing and decoration techniques performed on the outer surface of the packaging, aiming to improve the appearance quality of the packaging, increase the attractiveness and convey the brand value. The following are some common packaging surface processes.

Printing is the most common surface process, including offset printing, silk printing etc, with different color processing technologies, such as CMYK printing, pantone printing etc, can custom color to the packaging, make the color richer and fuller, and improve visual appeal force.

Hot stamping include hot stamping, hot silver, and more innovative gilding technology, which is often used in luxurious packaging solutions. It can add a metallic texture to the packaging to make the brand more high-end.

Embossing can form a concave-convex texture and three-dimensional effect on the surface of the product packaging, highlighting the brand logo or product features.

Lamination is to cover a film on the packaging surface, such as glossy film, matte film etc, to increase the wear resistance, water resistance and gloss of the gift box, protect the packaging from damage, and increase the visual effect at the same time,making the packaging more textured.

Spot UV is used to improve the visual effect and quality of the custom packaging. Generally, UV light is applied on the logo or image to make it appear bright and contrast with other parts, making the whole package more eye-catching.

Window design,by designing a transparent window on the packaging box, consumers can have a glance at the products in the rigid box, thereby increasing the desire to buy and intuitively feel the product.

Blister technology suitable for creative packaging design. By heating the plastic film, it is adsorbed on the packaging box and given a complex shape, creating a three-dimensional packaging effect and giving the product a novel and unique appearance.

Our designer team usually choose the appropriate process according to the customer's product characteristics and market positioning to create attractive packaging. If you want to know more about the packaging solution suitable for your brand, you can contact us on the website.