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Six tips when you start to design packaging

Time : 2023-03-15 Hits : 185


When talked about packaging, we know there is outer packaging and inner packaging. Outer packaging we called transportation packaging, it is used to protect products during transportation, so it needs to be firmed and strong force resistance. Inner packaging is used to how your products and deliver more value for brand images and help selling.

So, how to design your inner packaging? Below are some tips for you.

(1) Box structure should be nice, and graphic need be attractive, innovative.

(2) The packaging should match well with need well with quality and value of products.

(3) The packaging should be unique to distinguish our product style.

(4) When design packaging, you need to consider the convenience of usage, storage and carrying.

(5) The packaging instructions shall be specific to the user’s psychology, highlight the key points and clarify the characteristics.

(6) Consumers’ customs and religious beliefs shall be considered in packaging design. People of different ages, nationalities and regions have different habits and religious beliefs.

With market competition becoming more and more seriously, more and more people are trying their best to play the role in visual expression of packaging design, striking, understanding. For packaging design, we focus not only on products protection, but also to let packaging play a positive role for sales promotion.