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Add splendor to corporate culture—customized gift boxes show traditional art and high-end taste

July 07,2023

We are proud to announce the launch of a unique high-end vintage custom gift box designed to showcase the company's cultural heritage and taste.

This customized gift box has been carefully crafted from the conception and design, bringing together special paper, design art and meticulous processing, to provide customers with an exquisite gift choice that reflects brand value and traditional culture. As one of the traditional Chinese folk arts, the window grille pattern is subtly integrated into the structural design and processed by bronzing, which adds a unique visual charm to the gift box. This design style is unique, full of folk customs and artistic features, making the gift box a piece of art with collection value.

On the inner box of the gift box, there is a customized metal LOGO label, and the company's LOGO is printed on the outer box, which fully demonstrates the brand image and corporate culture of ICBC. What is more eye-catching is the background pattern of the gift box, which is themed with phoenix and peony flowers. These symbolic patterns symbolize wealth and auspiciousness. Each phoenix's wings and each peony's petals are layered, making the entire product design more exquisite, demonstrating meticulous craftsmanship and excellent quality.

As one of the highlights of the entire gift box, we put ancient coins into a custom-made walnut photo frame, which further enhanced the high-end sense of the gift box. This ingenious design not only highlights the collection value of coins, but also brings unique surprises and pleasures to the recipients.

In addition to the exquisite gift box itself, we have also prepared a special blessing. The gold-stamped text card on translucent sulfuric acid paper expresses warm and heartfelt blessings to customers and brings warm and good wishes to every recipient.

Our customized gift boxes are designed to provide customers with a distinctive way to display brand image and cultural connotation. Whether it's a business gift, holiday giveaway, or special occasion gift, this high-end vintage custom gift box is sure to impress.

We look forward to working with you to create exciting brand stories and imprints.