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Beyond Packaging:Turning Concepts Into Reality

August 01,2023


A packaging solution company,beyond packaging,more solve problems for customers.

Project management plays a vital role in the process of a successful packaging project.  The main capability of Topsion project management is to integrate the resource chain and turn the customer's vision into reality. Next, I will lead you to understand every link strictly followed by our project management team from obtaining customer needs to implementing the packaging solution.

The first step in project management is to accurately interpret the needs and expectations of our customers, and then the project team starts conceptual design. This is a creative process. In order to better reach customer's ideal, we will deeply understand customer's brand story and culture. For example, in order to provide innovative film and television packaging solutions, our team usually watches a certain classic movie over and over again. Through the collaboration and brainstorming among members, a variety of design concepts are generated, and the most attractive and feasible design concepts are selected.

Structural design is the process of transforming conceptual design into specific technical solutions. 

At this stage, engineers and designers work together to consider packaging materials,  cost, stability, safety and other factors to ensure that the provided design scheme can be implemented and meets production requirements.

PD review is the evaluation and review of the design plan, and the project department will output a review report. The PD team will carefully check the design documents to confirm whether the project product definition is reasonable and whether there are potential production problems. Through PD audit, problems and unnecessary costs in the subsequent production process can be minimized.

After structural design and PD review, submit the scheme to our customers for confirmation. At this stage, it may be necessary to conduct further discussions and adjustments with customers. Generally, our customers representatives will choose to communicate face-to-face or via video conference.

After customer confirms the plan, the project team needs to clearly and accurately transfer the final design to our overseas sales for quotation and contract negotiation. The accuracy of this step is critical for subsequent supply chain management and production processes.

Our project management team ensures the smooth delivery of the project from concept to implementation with the principles of professionalism, efficiency and rigor, and has identified the cornerstone of success for our countless packaging solutions!