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Blue Run Whiskey Box:Project development case

March 20,2023

Blue Run is a young American brand of premium whiskey.

Before we came on board, the client already had a mature product and supplier. However, the packaging had a major flaw that affected the user experience. When the consumer opened the box, the door couldn't stay fixed at a certain angle because of inertia. The door would continue to rotate 360 degrees, making it difficult for the consumer to take the whiskey out of the box.  They had been searching for a solution but hadn't found any viable options until we came along.

Our engineering and R&D teams worked tirelessly to find a solution to this problem.

Finally, we came up with an idea to add a damper to the door's hinge, which would allow the door to stay fixed at any angle. We quickly arranged for a prototype test, and the results were excellent. Our solution effectively addressed the client's pain point, and they were very satisfied with our proposal.

The client gave us the opportunity to collaborate, and our first project was a success.

We delivered high-quality products on time, which left the client very satisfied. Based on the client's trust in us, we have continued to work together on second and third projects. We believe that our cooperation will be even more extensive and far-reaching in the future.

Our innovative packaging solution for Blue Run Whiskey Box was an excellent example of how our company can provide creative and effective solutions to improve our clients' products. We are committed to innovation and always strive to find the best possible solutions to our clients' problems.