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Customized packaging solutions for nine major industries including wine and consumer electronics

November 14,2023


As a leading packaging supplier, we provide innovative and practical packaging solutions for nine major categories of products, including wine, consumer electronics, luxury goods, and display stand.

Beauty Packaging:

The perfect combination of fashion and practicality. From high-end skin care products to creative makeup, our packaging solutions not only focus on product protection, but also pursue unique and eye-catching designs.

Wine & Spirit:

Packaging is an extension of taste. Provide customized structural design for wine, whiskey and other alcoholic beverages to highlight the brand's history and tradition and create a unique wine experience.

Consumer electronics:

Taking into account both innovation and protection. From smartphones to headphones, our packaging solutions not only focus on the safe transportation of products, but also focus on how to convey a sense of technology and advancement while displaying products.

Personal care:

Gentle care starts from the outside in. Provide environmentally friendly materials and user-friendly designs for personal care products such as shampoo and skin care products to achieve a warm interaction between products and users.

Food gift packaging:

Creativity creates beautiful moments of sharing. Gift boxes need to show unique creativity on the packaging to create a beautiful sharing moment. Our solution pays attention to details and injects more warmth and surprise into the gift box.

Cannabis packaging:

Your first choice for safety and compliance. We understand the stringent packaging requirements of the cannabis industry and are committed to providing safe, regulatory-compliant packaging solutions.

Luxury goods:

Unique and unique, showing the brand style. Through luxurious materials and exquisite craftsmanship, we create unique packaging for luxury goods and highlight the unique charm of the brand.

Custom packaging:

Meet your unique needs. We understand that every brand has unique customization needs, so we provide personalized packaging designs that perfectly fit the brand image.

Display stand

Display art to guide consumers’attention. Provide unique display rack designs for products to make them stand out in the store and attract more consumers' attention.

We not only provide packaging solutions that meet industry standards, but we are also committed to continuous innovation in design and material selection to meet the changing needs of our customers. For more information please visit: