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DeLuxe PrintPack Hong-Kong: A gorgeous feast of packaging art

April 24,2024

As one of the exhibitors, Topsion will showcase its latest packaging designs, processes and innovations at the show. We will focus on displaying three major categories of packaging: wine packaging, customized packaging and jewelry packaging, bringing a visual and sensory feast to the audience.

Wine Packaging

We will display carefully designed wine bottle packaging that demonstrates our attention to detail and pursuit of quality. Whether it is made of wood, cardboard or acrylic, we are committed to creating a unique brand image for our customers.


Customized packaging

We will showcase our customizations and solutions, from material selection to structural design, full of personalized creativity. No matter what the customer's needs are, we can provide professional customized solutions to add unique charm to their products.


Jewelry packaging

For the jewelry industry, packaging is not only the shell that protects the product, but also the key to showing brand value and luxury. We will showcase exquisite jewelry packaging designs that blend traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation, giving each luxury product a unique story and charm.


Topsion looks forward to meeting you at the Hong Kong luxury packaging Exhibition and sharing our packaging art and innovation with you. We sincerely invite you to visit our booth and explore the endless possibilities of packaging together.

Exhibition details:

Date: 27-30 Apr
Time: 9:30AM-5:30PM
Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center
For more information or to book a meeting, please contact: +86 19310136739

About Topsion:

We not only possess strong production capabilities but also strive to develop innovative packaging solutions. Through techniques such as structural optimization and sampling evaluations, we are able to provide customers with high-quality, efficient packaging products. Meanwhile, we emphasize project management and quality control to ensure that each project is delivered on time and meets the highest quality standards.