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Host Game Night in Gotham City

March 01,2023

This opportunity is from one of professional USA packaging companies.

We have worked on a very big paper suitcase together two years ago.

And our profession, innovative spirits, good quality, and flexible working ways gave deep impression on her. So when she got this project, she came to us at the first time, because this is a huge project with 100+ pieces of parts. Multiple materials, multiple production technology, multiple industries involved and huge pieces in one set required the team to be very experienced, quick-response, knowledgeable and very organized.
The box is a black one wrapped with very black soft-touching paper and embossed with a foil rabbit logo on the top, which makes the box simple but elegant. When you open the box, as if you open a mysterious treasure chest, where there is a quick start sheet with rabbit-shape QR code on the top. By scanning the QR code, you can start your game. Every piece has a unique QR code. With the quick start removed, there are twelve sealed envelopes and one sealed bag, and accessory box, including mask, toy teeth, UV reactive cards, UV light, statue, puzzles, joker cards, game boards, shuriken, shuriken holders and other elements that would be used in the game. It is a big amazing game whole set. We are happy that we can be involved in this great job, and help her put each great idea together and bring them into reality.