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Hot Selling Products of Sephora - Hair Serum Glass Bottle with Electroplated Plastic Dropper

April 27,2023


VEGAMOUR successfully entered Sephora, and the glass packaging design with custom color attracted attention

As a leading packaging solutions company, we have provided our client VEGAMOUR with innovative custom color packaging designs that endow their products with a unique charm. With eco-friendliness and aesthetics in mind, we created a beautiful color match for VEGAMOUR's bottle, plated collar and silicone pacifier, and affixed a foil logo. This well-designed packaging scheme successfully interpreted the concept of the client's brand and product, and finally helped VEGAMOUR's products successfully enter the Sephora chain store and become a star product.

With consumers' increasing pursuit of personalization and environmental protection, custom color packaging design has become one of the key factors for brands to stand out in the market. VEGAMOUR worked with us to bring a distinctive visual to the product by matching the desired custom color to the bottle. This innovative design has attracted well-known chain stores such as Sephora and opened up a wider sales channel for VEGAMOUR.

Not only that, but we also provided VEGAMOUR’s plated collar and silicone teat with color matching to the bottle, further enhancing the aesthetics and consistency of the overall packaging. Such well-designed details demonstrate VEGAMOUR's pursuit of quality and details, and bring consumers a unique shopping experience.

In addition to focusing on aesthetics and personalization, we, together with VEGAMOUR, are committed to environmental protection. We have adopted environmentally friendly materials, and by affixing the aluminum foil logo, we have emphasized the high quality of the product and the values of sustainable development. This environmental awareness matches the values of retailers such as Sephora, further enhancing the competitiveness of VEGAMOUR products in the market.

Through cooperation with us, VEGAMOUR has successfully introduced its innovative products into the Sephora chain with great success. This story not only demonstrates our professional ability in packaging design, but also proves the importance of custom color packaging design for brand marketing. We will continue to work closely with customers to provide them with innovative, environmentally friendly and beautiful packaging solutions to help them succeed in the highly competitive market.