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How do iconic brands like Coca-Cola and Hermès achieve their uniquely distinctive signature colors?

March 28,2024

Coca-Cola and Hermès achieve their uniquely distinctive signature colors


When it comes to products requiring spot color printing, the entire process begins with preparing printing documents and accurately formulating specialty inks to match the desired colors. These inks are then fine-tuned on the printing press, with settings calibrated for optimal results.

Before full-scale production begins, test printing is initiated. It's worth noting that if the sample includes a coating, such as gloss or matte finish, it must accurately mimic the final color effect. This is crucial as variations between coated and uncoated samples may exist.

Throughout the printing process, color management personnel remain vigilant, constantly sampling and comparing colors. Utilizing advanced colorimeters, any discrepancies are promptly identified and corrected to ensure colors fall within acceptable tolerances.


Prior to commencing mass production, every detail is thoroughly reviewed, and color management personnel sign off on the final approval, signaling readiness for production.

Essentially, the color management process in packaging solutions underscores precision, expertise, and attention to detail, playing a vital role in ensuring brand consistency.