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How to 3D Print a Highly Accurate Display of Implanted Eyeballs?

June 14,2023





In the field of medical equipment display, how to accurately restore the position of the implanted eyeball has always been a challenge. This article will introduce how our Topsion packaging company uses 3D printing technology to collect eyeball structure information and successfully realize the process of implanting eyeball display. Through a variety of colors and innovative designs, we provide customers with accurate and realistic eyeball models showing where medical devices will be implanted.

Challenges and goals

When working with a client on an eye implant display project, we faced many challenges. The eyeball structure information provided by the client is limited, but we need to accurately draw the 3D model of the eyeball. Our goal is to ensure that the internal structure of the eyeball is consistent with a real eyeball by gathering as much information as possible to demonstrate where the device is implanted.

Information collection and 3D mapping

In order to meet the needs of the project, our packaging designers have done a lot of information gathering. By studying medical literature, referring to real eyeball anatomy diagrams and consulting medical experts, we have gradually obtained accurate information about the structure of the eyeball. Based on this information, we created precise 3D drawings of the different parts of the eyeball using a variety of colors and innovative designs.

Reviewed and Approved by American Physicians

To ensure the accuracy and credibility of the eye model, we submitted the 3D drawing to a doctor in the United States for review. After strict review and approval by doctors, our eyeball 3D model has been professionally approved, laying the foundation for subsequent manufacturing work.

Successful 3D printed samples

After passing the review and approval of American doctors, we started the production of 3D printing samples. By using advanced 3D printing technology, we were able to faithfully restore the 3D model of the eyeball. The successful production of the sample proves the feasibility of our design and process, and is ready for the next mass production.

Demonstration performance and customer satisfaction

Finally, we showed the customer a sample of the 3D printed eyeball, as well as a plan to use the enlarged version of the eyeball to show where the device will be implanted. With precise details and a realistic appearance, we successfully demonstrated where the device would be implanted and met the client's needs. Clients are very satisfied with our work and our solutions have been widely recognized.

Combining innovative technology and in-depth research, We opsion Packaging successfully fulfilled the challenge of implant eyeball display. Through 3D printing technology and accurate 3D mapping, we provide customers with a highly accurate model of the eyeball, showing where the device will be implanted. The success of this project not only proves our design ability and craftsmanship, but also demonstrates the great potential of 3D printing technology in the field of medical equipment display. If you have similar needs, please contact us, we will provide you with the best packaging and display solutions.