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MINERAL FUSION refillable Palette Collection

March 08,2023



In the spring of 2019, the customer said: “Hi guys, we wanna a reusable palette, give us a solution about this.” At that moment, paper palette were very popular and eco-friendly. When we finished initial sample made of paper, we realized that regular paper material was not good enough, we should consider offer more durable product for daily necessities in multi-scenario.

At last, our team selected plastic material with high-quality.

After several times of rendering,modeling, trying out and production trials, the Mineral Fusion Refillable Palette was launched . Two years later,it became the best seller due to its fashionable & elegant appearance, with rich versions for choice and customization supported. Even more proud, it won the 2022 HEALING LIFESTYLES EARTH DAY BEAUTY AWARDS .