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New Eco-Friendly Materials - Innovation and Protection in Packaging

August 16,2023

In the packaging industry, innovation and protection are two core keywords.

As an innovative packaging material, flocking has rapidly become popular in recent years, bringing new possibilities to packaging solutions.

Flocking uses foam, film (PVC, PU, PE) and fabric as the base material, and flocking fibers are pasted on the surface to form a special packaging material with soft and rich texture. These fibers can be natural plant fibers or synthetic fibers. By simulating the touch of various materials, such as leather, fluff, etc., the packaging can be more tactile and layered. The jewelry inner box is a relatively common one.

Flocked surfaces can be hydrophobic or hydrophilic, provide sound absorption and improve sliding properties or, in the case of flock-on-flock, create a strong anti-slip effect. They have high abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and other properties.

Flocking is suitable for: luxury goods, holiday gift boxes, electronic products, high-end chocolate, tea and other packaging fields. The high-end touch and visual effects make it an ideal choice for high-end customized packaging solutions, which is conducive to conveying the value and image of the brand.

Here are some advantages of flocking:

1. The double impact of touch and vision

The texture and feel of the flocking gives the packaging an added layered aesthetic. Through flocking, packaging can visually show delicate textures, combined with tactile sensations, to bring consumers a pleasant viewing experience.

2. Enhance brand image and sense of value

Flocking is not only a material, but also a reflection of brand value. Flocked packaging allows for a highly customized design that enhances brand recognition.

3. Environmentally friendly and sustainable

The application of natural plant fibers reduces dependence on limited resources, and substrates such as paper are easier to recycle and reuse. Choosing flocking packaging reflects the company's sense of social responsibility and helps to establish a good corporate image.

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