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Nuclear sewage discharge: the call for environmental protection innovation and sustainable development

August 28,2023

Yesterday, the Japanese government decided to discharge the treated nuclear sewage into the ocean. This event is called nuclear sewage discharge (824), which has aroused controversy and doubts from the international community. As leaders of packaging solutions companies, we must view this event through the lens of environmental innovation and sustainability to find tangible solutions to problems and drive a greener future.


The large amount of nuclear sewage left over from the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in Japan may pose potential risks to marine ecosystems and human health. Faced with this grim situation, environmental protection innovation has become crucial. From the perspective of corporate responsibility, we should actively participate in the discussion of solutions and find innovative ways to reduce environmental impact. For example, develop environmentally friendly packaging materials to reduce the use of single-use plastics, or use degradable materials to fundamentally reduce plastic pollution.

The nuclear sewage discharge incident in Japan reminds us once again of the importance of sustainable development.

As an enterprise, we should integrate the concept of sustainable development into the packaging plan,  and pay attention to the reduction of environmental impact from resource use, production process to product packaging. Sustainable development is not only about the environment, but also social responsibility and economic benefits.

Environmental issues are global challenges that require cooperation across borders. Japan's nuclear sewage discharge incident is a warning, reminding us of the urgency of environmental innovation and sustainable development. We are committed to innovative solutions that drive the industry towards a more environmentally friendly and sustainable direction. Through collaboration, innovation, and cross-border efforts, we can create a better future together.

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