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Paper recycling: a key step for sustainable packaging

October 31,2023

Paper recycling: a key step for sustainable packaging

In an era of increasing environmental awareness and sustainability, paper recycling is a core component of our company's sustainability plan. We are not only committed to providing customers with excellent packaging solutions,  but also focus on environmental protection and social responsibility throughout the entire production process. Waste paper recycling is an important part of our initiative to reduce dependence on natural resources, reduce waste generation and reduce environmental impact.

The following are the main steps in our waste paper recycling:

Waste paper collection: We actively collect waste paper during the production process, regardless of size, ensuring that not a single piece of paper is wasted. The waste paper is sorted for subsequent processing.

Briquetting and Storage: The collected waste paper is briquetted and stored in designated areas so that they can be transported to the pulp mill for processing.

Transportation to pulp mills: We work with sustainable pulp mills to ensure waste paper is transported to the processing site at the lowest possible environmental cost. This reduces CO2 emissions and helps lower our carbon footprint.

Pulp production: In pulp mills, waste paper is processed into pulp, a necessary raw material for making new paper and packaging materials. This step turns waste paper into a valuable resource, reducing our need for new wood.

Recycling: Ultimately, the pulp will be reused in our production to create high-quality, sustainable packaging materials. This process not only reduces our demand for natural resources but also extends the life cycle of waste paper.

By actively participating in sustainability initiatives, we fulfill our environmental commitments and social responsibilities. We firmly believe that through this process we make a positive contribution to creating a sustainable future.

Thank you for your support and working together towards environmental protection and sustainability. To learn more, please click: