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Paul McCartney Egypt Station Traveler's Edition Suitcase

April 12,2023

Hey guys, have you ever watched a video for McCartney suitcase box?

If yes, you must be a big fan of Paul McCartney, a very popular world-wide recording artist.

We have never thought that we could develop such an amazing project, It is a one-time pressing limited to 3,000 numbered cases which contains exclusive and previously unreleased tracks, hidden rarities, and all the essentials needed on your travel to Egypt Station.

I still remembered that It occurred in 2018, someone who worked in a packaging company contacted us, and said: “ Hi everyone, we have a big project and need your help to bid. you should have absolutely advantage on price, material using and delivery time.”  

After further internal discussing, we found a better solution to keep a good balance between price and appearance quickly. We used paper material wrapped outside to replace PU leatherette to achieve various and gorgeous graphic effect, and also we printed metal graphic and embossed two times in order to achieve metallic texture effect. The customer was very satisfied with our primary presentation, and we got this project.

The start was good, while the process was very tough. Owing to there were 24 positions need to be aligned during the process of outer paper wrapped, it was inevitable to occur alignment issue. To control the tolerance within 1.5mm, we printed position lines on the back and arranged dedicated hand workers to wrap boxes.

In order to meet customer’s shipping schedule, all our team members worked day and night, and we updated production status around 22:00PM each day to ease customer’s worries.

The customer was very grateful for what we have done, and she said:“ Thanks for your great support, and it is hard to imagine that you complete such a complex so well.”

We won this project and also the customer’s trust. Now she becomes one of our big customers, and we have cooperated on lots of projects since 2018.

We are proud of all projects we have done, and we cherish them like our babies.

Just take it easy to give your packaging projects to us, and you will never regret your choices!

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