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Pure solid wood maze box with exquisite structure

March 25,2023

Key feature for the product

This is a wooden maze consists of two movable panels. Player needs to control the rotation of two panels by twirling the two handles on the sides of the box to make sure the metal bean rolling from the start point to the finish point without falling into the multiple holes along the track. If the metal bean falls into any of the holes, it will come out to the platform on the side of the box. Game restarts.

Pain point:

The structure of the box is quite subtle cause it is hollow inside, making it hard for transportation protection. For product like this, we would normally suggest palletization as it is best way to prevent dropping and causing damage. However, the customer needs a courier package design so that each wooden maze can be delivered via DHL/UPS/FedEx to every consumer. The challenge for us is that we need not only to enhance the maze structure but also to develop a package which has full protection on the box. 


The two movable panels are very easy to break down during transit. We figure out one of the reasons is the deliveryman tend to over stack something smaller & heavy on top of the wood maze box carton which causes a great amount of pressure to the two maze panels. We add a 5mm thick MDF board on top of the maze as well as four paper corners inside the carton. All pressure from the top will be spread out to the four paper corners. Besides, we add EPE foam inserts to the gaps between the panels and box to make sure there is no movement during transit. Drop tests of standard ISTA 2A are conducted at pre-production as well as at pre-delivery. Both drop tests & vibrant test are passed. We also provide 4% extra products just in case there is any defect caused in transit of extreme conditions. As our goal is to provide whole packaging solution rather than a simple package, we will try our best to realize both the sightly function and the practical function to ensure our customers satisfied.