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Selection and application of packaging materials

July 21,2023

Packaging plays a vital role in the modern consumer-driven world, and good packaging is the silent promoter. Different types of packaging boxes can protect products, convey brand value and attract consumers' attention. Here are three common packaging boxes - handmade boxes, folding boxes and pit boxes, including their characteristics, advantages and scope of application, to help you make informed decisions when choosing a packaging solution.


1. rigid box

Rigid boxes usually consist of thicker cardboard and wrapping paper with surface treatment. Suitable for luxury gift boxes, jewelry boxes, custom gift boxes etc.
Cardboard:The most common is gray board, which is made of waste paper pulp. It is an eco-friendly packaging material with different thicknesses to choose from. Gray board is strong and economical. In addition, there are single white, single black, and black cardboard, which are used in special packaging scenarios.
Wrapping paper:The outer surface of the rigid box is usually wrapped with various types of paper, such as coated paper, uncoated paper or fancy paper, to enhance the aesthetics of the box and facilitate custom printing.

Surface treatment method

Lamination: By covering a layer of smooth plastic film on the surface of the rigid box, it has the effect of glossy glue and matte glue, which increases the wear resistance and aesthetics of the gift box.
UV :Using ultraviolet curing technology, the surface of the rigid box presents high gloss and better visual effects.
Embossing:With a mold or a metal plate is used to highlight Logo, text, graphics or create shading for the surface of the paper to produce a 3D feeling.

2. Folding Box

Folding boxes are usually made of folded cardboard, and their materials mainly include:
white cardboard :white cardboard is also a commonly used material for folding boxes and is suitable for the packaging of most daily necessities.
Kraft paper:It has a certain hardness and wear resistance, and is often used in some folding boxes that require stronger toughness, such as food gift boxes, tea gift boxes etc.

Surface treatment method

Texture: By processing the surface of the folding box, giving it texture, increasing the touch and texture.
Hot stamping : Using hot stamping or hot silver process to make the surface of the folding box show a metallic texture and enhance its sense of luxury.

3. Carton Box

Carton boxes,  also known as corrugated boxes, are usually made of corrugated cardboard, and their materials mainly include:
Single-layer corrugated cardboard:Suitable for lighter product packaging, such as food, daily necessities etc.
Double-layer corrugated cardboard:Compared with single-layer corrugated cardboard, double-layer corrugated cardboard has a stronger load-bearing capacity and is suitable for some products that are heavier or require better protection, such as home appliances and furniture.

Surface treatment method

Waterproof coating:Protect the stability of the pit box in a humid environment by coating with a waterproof layer.
Customized printing:Using CMYK or pantone color to custom brand LOGO, product information etc. on the surface of the pit box to enhance the brand image and product information transmission effect.

The above materials and surface treatment methods are only part of the packaging solution company's selection in practical applications, and the specific selection needs to be customized according to the needs of customers. At the same time, environmental protection is also an important issue in the current packaging industry. Choosing recyclable and eco-friendly packaging materials and processing methods as much as possible is a manifestation of corporate social responsibility.

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