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Thermoforming Pressed Paper+ APET Face Powder Palette

April 08,2023

Product: Pressed Powder Palette

Material used: Paper+ APET face (thermoforming process)

Quantity: 50K

This palette is mostly made from PCW paper , with blister modeling on the lid in the shape of a human face. It’s eco-friendly and the overall design is refreshing and distinctive. The human face indicated the power color inside. So the end-consumer can get a quick look of the products and the effects. And the thermoformed 3D human face looks more stereoscopic than flat printing. We worked closely with the customer to create this palette to house existing pan sizes resulting in faster lead times than injection molded plastic palettes and reduced costs in manufacturing too.

We controlled the quality during production very carefully.

Because there is tolerance between each die-cut tooling and modeling, it brought much difficulties to registration when workers wrapping the paper onto the thermoformed face. First, we die-cut the big printing sheets by tooling to make sure that the position of every face on the big sheet is fixed, so that the face position on every single PET sheet is fixed after die-cutting big the PET sheet into small single piece. Second, we slow down production to make sure that every face are thermoformed to its largest size in the mold. By doing this, we reduced the problem at the largest possibility.