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Wahaha’s packaging details - invisible craftsmanship is the most precious

March 06,2024

Recently, national brand Wahaha has once again launched a packaging revolution, with its uniquely designed black lining once again becoming the focus of heated discussions on social media.


It is understood that Wahaha has been using black underwear since the brand was founded in 1987.

The black lining not only gives the product a more noble quality in appearance, but more importantly, it has superior performance in resisting ultraviolet rays. In hot seasons, ultraviolet rays in the sun are the main culprit of food easily spoiling, and the design of Wahaha's black lining can effectively isolate ultraviolet rays, providing a more reliable protective layer for food, allowing consumers to eat with more confidence.

It is worth mentioning that the use of black lining is not the first time Wahaha has put effort into packaging.  The creative signature area on the bottled water is to prevent the wrong water from being taken when there are many people. This high-cost, high-quality design concept just shows Wahaha's persistence in product quality and its responsible attitude towards consumers.


Compared with ordinary linings, the production process of black linings is more sophisticated and the material cost is higher. However, Wahaha chose this solution without hesitation. According to professionals from the packaging solution company, it is not just for the product itself. , it is also a precise insight into market trends. Through this move, Wahaha has successfully established its brand image, increased its brand exposure, and made consumers more curious and trustful about Wahaha's products.

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