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Why are glass bottles more expensive than plastic bottles but more and more people are using them?

May 20,2023


In today's era, sustainability and environmental protection have become an inevitable trend. More and more enterprises and consumers are beginning to realize the impact of their production and consumption behavior on the environment, so they start to take measures to reduce the negative impact on the environment. As an environmentally conscious business, Arcona is taking steps to use sustainable and eco-friendly packaging and is working hard to upgrade its packaging. As its partner, our project team developed a range of packaging that met the customer's needs, one of which was a thick cream bottle, using glass instead of plastic.

Glass bottles are easier to recycle than plastic bottles, so using glass bottles can effectively reduce plastic waste. Moreover, glass bottles can be used repeatedly, which can also help reduce resource consumption. When developing this series of glass bottles, we focused not only on the aesthetics but also on their functional feasibility.

The series of glass bottles are decorated with spray color screen printing and come with custom pump heads.

Such a design can not only guarantee the appearance quality of the product, but also improve the use value of the product. Our engineers conducted round after round of tests to confirm the tightness and especially the user experience. In the test, we simulated various usage scenarios to ensure that the product can be used under various conditions and maintain a good seal.

This series of glass bottles can not only meet the needs of customers, but also meet today's environmental protection trends. Its design takes into account the use value of the product and the protection of the environment, which can effectively reduce resource consumption and environmental pollution. We believe that this series of glass bottles will become the first choice of consumers, because it is not only beautiful in appearance, but also practical and environmentally friendly.

In this era, enterprises should not only pursue economic benefits, but also consider environmental and social responsibilities. Arcona demonstrates its concern for the environment and social responsibility through the use of sustainable and eco-friendly packaging. Our project team is also very honored to provide Arcona with products that conform to its philosophy and contribute to the cause of environmental protection.